Charges & Terms

We charge by the hour and we operate a local call out service for emergencies or breakdowns night or day, weekday or weekend. We also charge for travel expenses & subsistence at a standard rate regardless of where you are in the world.

call outs

Hourly rates & local call outs

Pre-arranged works are charged at 60€ per man hour Local call outs at 120€ & 60€ per man hour thereafter


Works carried out outside of the Cote D´Azur

Overnight charges and subsistence are charged at the following rate for works carried out outside of the Cote D’Azur (Monaco to St Tropez):

  • 200€ per man day for hotels.
  • 100€ per man day for subsistence.



  • We charge the standard rate for kilometereage at 0.75€ per kilometer.
  • Local travelling time is charged at 30€ per man hour.
  • International travelling time is charged at a rate of 360€ per man day.

International travel can be arranged by the client or by us for economy class travel to anywhere in the world, however, please do not forget we may need to book extra baggage for tools etc.


Invoicing and payment

  • Invoices will be issued upon completion of each works or month dependent upon the length of each contract, which will include the company bank details into which the payment should be made by BACS transfer including any charges.
  • Unless otherwise agreed invoices should be paid upon receipt however, we will accept invoices to be paid up to, but within 30 days of the date of invoice.
  • Those invoices unpaid within the 30 day period will be re-issued after 30 days including a 10% surcharge for each additional period of 30 days outstanding.